A Room Of One’s Own

A Room Of One's Own

The book by Virginia Woolf taught me so much but, what it really taught me was it is fine being alone and maybe even that being alone can be a glorious thing. This book is a must read for all women it will inspire you to have A Room Of One’s Own.

Tub, Platform w/ Towel & Candles: Pixel Mode @ FaMESHed Poor Man’s Hot Tub Available in PG and Adult version (This is so nice, I love it in my special little room)
Herbal Gacha Collection: Artisan Fantasy @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival  Herbals Step Ladder Weathered, Herbals Oils and Creams & Herb Shelf Weathered
Bed, Chart & Books: Floorplan @ Collabor88 Lazy Lounger, Astrology Chart & Apothecary Books (I wanted a not so ornate bed for this space and this lounger fit my needs perfectly)
Sofa, Lamps & Chest: Junk @ Collabor88 Hester’s Attic Couch, Arch Lamps Short & Tall, Apothecary Chest (Perfect for my new room)
Pestle & Mortar: Apple Fall @ Collabor88
Stars: Hideki @ The Chapter Four Gatcha Item
Build: Stockholm&Lima Rustic Holiday Barn (From a past The Arcade)