Don’t Quit Your Day Dream


Skin: Mudskin @ The Chapter Four Helena – #1 Sunny w/ Teeth
Hair: (red) Mint No. 37’15 Blonds Pack
Eyes: Song @ Kustom9 Sugar – Aqua
Ears: Mandala Seking Ears Season 5 Unisex
Headdress:NAMINOKE @ We Love Role-Play Gaura – Pink
Tattoo: White Widow @ We Love Role-Play Altar – Black Faded
Bracelets: Kunglers @ We Love Role-Play Yennefer (Most gorgeous bracelets! I need a Fatpack!)
Nails: Epic Basic Nails Set Applier for SLink Hands
Shape: Maitreya Lara
Hands: SLink Avatar Enhancement

Pose & Butterfly Prop: Le Poppycock Underwing – Loversknot

Location: Failure To Thrive

Your the Final Chapter in my Story

Your the Final Chapter in my Story

Skin: Lumae @ We Love Role-Play Jewel – Djinn Dotted Brow
Hair & Horns: (red) Mint @ We Love Role-Play Hair No. 43’15 – Blondes Pack
Eyes: The Sugar Garden Luminate – Silver
Ears: .:Soul:. Uni Ears – Troll
Earrings: Bliensen + MaiTai Helena – Gold
Stimstick: Nomad @ We Love Role-Play – Brass
Tattoo: Things @ The Fantasy Collective Paziah 
Harness: The Forge @ We Love Role-Play Braided – White
Shape: Maitreya Lara
Hands: SLink Avatar Enhancement

Fireflies: Alegria @ We Love Role-Play Dancing Stars Fireflies Lights



I Came, I Saw, I Couquered

I Came, I Saw, I Couquered

Skin: Essences @ Kustom9 Lou-Ann Medium 01 Brunette
Hair: (red) MintThe Hair Fair No. 38’15 Brunettes Pack
Ears: Mandala Seking Ears Season 5 Unisex
Necklace: Kibitz @ The Secret Affair Amanda – Copper
Tunic, Arm Bands Anklets: Cellar DoorThe Secret Affair Roman Tunic Set – Red
Sandals: The Forge Folium – Brown
Shield & Spear: May’s Soul @ The Secret Affair Minerva Set

Pose: PosESion @ Kustom9 Almu

Location: MIC – Imagin@rium

Live Beautifully

Live Beautifully

I had a blast this weekend at Indie Teepee. I wish this was every weekend Thank you Scarlet Schadenfreude, Molly Doodah,  ändë süġärplüm rösċä, Kanjena Sweetleaf, anyone else on the team and all the performers this last weekend, it was amazingly fun! This wonderfully beautiful sim is up and going until the end of the month. Look at the website for any schedule updates. I know Engrama will play on Thursday at 2PM SLT.
Skin: MudskinThe Candy Fair Juicy Bell Orange Flavor – Native E4
Hair: (red) Mint @ The Hair Fair Hair No. 40’15 Blondes Set w/ Fantasy Locks Hud
Eyelashes: Lovely Alien Starry
Eyes: The Sugar Garden Summer – Dark Brown
Tattoo: Izzie’s @ The Fantasy Collective Metallic Arrow
Pipe: Kunst @ The Seasons Story Bamboo
Necklace: Empyrean Forge @ Indie Teepee Tesoro del Luna
Dress: AphorismThe Seasons Story Summertime – Floral Red (Cool texture huds!)
Ring: Random Matter @ Uber Norbu – Silver
Shoes: Reign @ The Seasons Story – Hanna Wedges Camel
Shape: Maitreya Lara
Hands & Feet: SLink Avatar Enhancement

Bike: Toro @ The Seasons Story Cruiser – Orange

I’m Waiting For You Baby

I'm Waiting For You Baby

Skin: Aya Lily – Angel Food
Hair: KoKoLoRes @ We Love Role-Play Nora – Hud 2 Set
Collar: (red) Mint AD Posture 0.02
Collar Pendant: (red) Mint Pendant 0.06
Outfit: Salt & Pepper  Eleanor
Shape: Maitreya Lara
Hands & Feet: SLink Avatar Enhancement
Nails: Epic Basic Nails Set Applier for SLink Hands -Black
Tattoo: PerveTTe Dark Forest

Bench: Junk @ The Arcade Vintage Boutique Bench
Canopy: a.n.c Ltd. Lace – Antique Milk
Parasols: a.n.c Ltd. @ The Arcade   Hatsuyume Wind Parasol – White
Peacocks: a.n.c Ltd. @ The Arcade   Hatsuyume – White
Fish: a.n.c Ltd. @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival Symbiosis – Albino

Choose to Shine

Choose to Shine

Skin: Aya Lily – Angel Food
Hair: LCKY Muffins – Fatpack
Head Wreath: [ keke ] @ The Arcade Butterfly Wreath – Blue
Choker: (red) Mint Bow Me Up (RLV & non RLV included)
Top: !gO! Marina – Black
Shorts: VincueN21 Roony + Shorts – Noir
Wrist & Ankle Cuffs: (red) Mint Bow Me Up
Shoes: Pure Poison Le Ballet Flats – Black
Tattoo: PerveTTe Dark Forest

Screens & Butterflys [ keke ] @ The Arcade Butterfly Collection
Chair & Incense Burner: a.n.c Ltd. @ Collabor88



What’s in Your Potion?

What's in Your Potion?

Skin: The Skinnery @ The Arcade (Starts June 1st) Eniko – Milk DB 1 RARE
Hair: LCKY Willow Rainbow & Neutral A Sets (W/ black bows, bows included)
Eyes: Song @ Kustom9 Fiori – Moon Eye
Choker: (red) Mint Bow Me Up (RLV & non RLV included)
Wrist Cuffs: (red) Mint Bow Me Up
Hat: Aphorism @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival Ju-Ju – Black RARE
Jacket: Aphorism @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival Ju-Ju – Black RARE
Skirt: Aphorism @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival Ju-Ju – Black
Rings: NAMINOKE @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival Raven – Black
Tattoo: White Widow 1001 Nights (W/SLink & Maitreya body appliers)
Nails: Adoness Basics Violet to Pink Set
Shape: Maitreya Lara
Hands & Feet: SLink Avatar Enhancement

Pose: PosESion @ Kustom9 Dulce

Location: New Toulouse


I Think You Are Suffering From a Lack of Vitamin Me

I Think You Are Suffering From a Lack of Vitamin Me

Skin: EssencesThe Dressing Room Fusion Jenn 02 – Pale 02 Brunette
Hair: (red) Mint Hair No. 34’15 – Fantasy Set & Fantasy Locks Set
Hair Pin: [CerberusXing] @ Creators Collection Box Gacha Item Tama-Hana Kanzashi – Sky Blue Common
Eyes: The Sugar Garden Luminate – Silver
Eyelashes: Mai Bilavio Clumpy Princess
Horns: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations @ Fantasy Faire Kii – Chalk
Glasses: Random Matter @ Uber Lana – Green
Necklace: B’Leaf @ Creators Collection Box Skull
Sweater: Twist Candy @ Creators Collection Box
Skirt: Twist Candy @ Creators Collection Box
Bag, Sunglasses & Phone: Reign @ Uber Jujubeee Jelly Bag (I love this bag, it’s fun!)
Stockings: Arise @ 1oo Block Tria Lace
Shape: Maitreya Lara

Poses: .mien. poses Sway

A Dog is the Only Thing that Loves you More than you Love Yourself

A Dog is the Only Thing that Loves you More than you Love Yourself

Skin: (red) Mint (1) Ivy – Sugar Lighter Eyebrows (W/ Maitreya body applier)
Shape: Maitreya Lara
Hair: KoKoLoReS @ We Love Role-Play Lauren – Hud 1
Hat: The Sugar Garden Rattan Hat
Ears: Mandala Seking Ears Season 5 Unisex
Eyes: The Skinnery @ The Chapter Four Echo Eye Collection – #6
Eyelashes: Mai Bilavio Clump Princess
Necklace: Moon Amore @ Xiasumi School Festival GIFT
Top: The Sugar Garden Bustier – Vintage Floral
Shorts:The Sugar Garden Fancy Shorts – Cream
Bag: The Sugar Garden  Rattan Bag – Cream
Bracelets: Yummy Heart Locket – Silver I Love You
Sandals: Pure Poison @ FaMESHed Fringe Flat Sandals – Brown (All colors included)
French Bulldog Pup: Alchemy (old)

Standing Pose: PosESion @ Men Only District Tableau

Flower Lamp: Cubic Cherry Kre-ationsThe Seasons Story (Starts 4/11) Sparkling Flower – Peach
Wagon: Kalopsia – Gipsy Caravan (Flowers)
Chair:  Kalopsia – Gipsy Chair
Violin: Kalopsia – Gipsy Violin
Table: Zinnias Spring Chicken Garden Table – Blue
Horse: United InshCon  Walking Horse – Black
Cats: Fashionably Dead Posed Cats Gacha Item
Tree: Hayabusa Design Tree -Flower F1aWT 53

Knocking on Emi’s Door

Knocking on Emi's Door

Skin: Aya Skins Zoey – Oak Buff *New (Such a pretty skin!)
Hair: (red) Mint No.33’15 – Redheads Hud W/Natural & Fantasy Locks Hud
Eyes: The Sugar Garden Snowfall – Honey
Dress & Necklace: Gizza @ Shiny Shabby Kate – Beige
Bag: RowneKustom9 Vittoria Leather Tote – Nude (Hand & Shoulder Versions Included)
Pups:The Sugar Garden Gacha Item from Past Arcade

Pose: an lar poses @ Shiny Shabby simpli

Location: Legione