I Know How to Rule Myself

I Know How to Rule Myself Skin: The Skinnery Cristy 1 – Honey RARE (W/ Skinnery Freckles)
Hair: Ayashi @ The Fantasy Collective Sirena – Fatpack
Crown, Staff, Blind, Camisk, Bra & Bottom: May’s Soul @ The Epiphany La Parca Gacha
Necklace, Bracelets & Headchain: The ForgeThe Epiphany Boho Gacha – Gold
Thong: Haste Industrious Gold
Shape: Maitreya Lara
Hands: SLink Avatar Enhancement

Location: Kingdom of Sand

My Epiphany

My Epiphany
Skin: Mudskin @ Wayward Carnival  Matsuri Girl – Yoru (frs) NE Pinky Pale
Hair: Due @ The Epiphany (Starts 7/16 Noon SLT) Liv – Vitamin Pack
Eyes, Tears & Wound: Antielle @ The Epiphany (Starts 7/16 Noon SLT) The Alchemical Transformation Gacha
Eyelashes: Lovely Alien Starry
Halo: CerberusXing @ The Epiphany (Starts 7/16 Noon SLT) Tsukiyomi’s Halo – Silver RARE
Ears: Mandala Seking Ears Season 5 Unisex
Tattoos: Antielle @ The Epiphany (Starts 7/16 Noon SLT) The Alchemical Transformation Gacha
Top: Haste @ The Epiphany (Starts 7/16 Noon SLT) Colbie Gacha -Bikini  Blue
Bottom: Haste @ The Epiphany (Starts 7/16 Noon SLT) Colbie Gacha -Bikini  Blue
Bracelets, Armbands, Anklets: Haste @ The Epiphany (Starts 7/16 Noon SLT) Colbie Gacha – Hematite
Shape: Maitreya Lara
Hands & Feet: SLink Avatar Enhancement

Pose: [[J’adore]] Flower

Location: Garden of Whimsy

When There is Light There is Shadow

When There is Light There is ShadowSkin: Essences Imogen – Pale 02 Brunette
Hair: Tableau Vivant @ We Love Role-Play Cresei – Basics Hud
Eyes: The Sugar Garden Luminate
Eyelashes: Mai Bilavio Clumpy Princess
Ears: Mandala Seking Ears Season 5 Unisex
Headdress: .Aisling. @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival Khatel RARE
Chestpiece: .Aisling. @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival Khatel RARE
Chain: Haste @ We Love Role-Play Constance
Armbands & Bracelets: .Aisling. @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival Khatel
Eyepearls: .Aisling. @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival Khatel RARE
Garters: .Aisling. @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival Khatel
Shape: Maitreya Lara
Hands & Feet: SLink Avatar Enhancement
Nails: Epic Basic Nails Set Applier for SLink Hands -White

Pose: NRage Studio Pose: GvE 1

Maya’s Information

Les Fleurs Du Mal

Dropping Off Your Crown
Dropping Off Your Crown

Skin: Essences @ Creepy Kawaii Fair Salt (W/Appliers for Maitreya Lara and SLink Hands & Feet)
Hair: Blues @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival Minky – Vintage
Chest Piece & Pauldrons: May’s Soul @ Fantasy Collective Biker Leather – White
Top & Thong: Haste @ Fantasy Collective Industrious – Hematite
Boots: ANE  Dominatrix – Black
Arm Brace: Ariskea @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Eyes: Clemmm ReSnick
Eyelashes: Lovely Alien Starry
Claws: Cain Kali Claws for SLink Elegant
Shape: Maitreya Fitted Mesh Lara
Hands: SLink Avatar Enhancement Mesh

Poses: Del May  Black Rain & Coquettish #1

Sign: [Fetch] @ Fantasy Collective No Miracles Sign

See You On The Road!



Skin: Essences @ Cirque De Seraphim Loulou – Med01 Brunette
Hair: enVOGUE Chloe – Dark Browns Set *New
Brow Adornment: NOX @ The Secret Affair Dyani – Purple
Face Tattoo: NOX @ The Secret Affair Tuari – Black Full
Body Tattoo: UtopiaH Ink Deer Dirty 2

Horns: Plastik @ The Secret Affair Tangled Banded – Shadow
Feathers: Zibska @ The Secret Affair Aproxima (Comes with a color hud for some cool options)
Nipple Covers: Luas @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival Vega Nipple Pasty – Black RARE
Belt: Black PearlsFantasy Gacha Carnival Erredian ULTRA RARE
Harness: Haste @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival Nsia – Black
Thigh Harness: Haste @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival Nsia – Black
Gloves: Geek 
@ Cosplay Fair  Prototype Gloves – Brown

Poses: Del May Oriental Male & Watch it Honey

In My Minds Eye

Snapshot_008_edt1 copyBody:
Skin: DeeTaleZ  Smilla – Nordic Brown Brows
Hair: Damselfly @ The Fantasy Collective Marigold – Light Blondes Set
Eyes: The Skinnery @ The Cosmetics Fair Autumn Eerie Eye Collection – 4
Hands: SLink Avatar Enhancement Mesh

Clothes & Accessories:
Horns: 8f8 The Fantasy Collective Renaissance – Glass
Head Wrap: Frogstar The Fantasy Collective Annesley Pearl – White
Staff: FDD @ The Fantasy Collective Skylark Great Staff – Gold Antique
Necklace: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations @ Tales of Fantasy Druid’s Call – Gold
Bracers: The Forge @ Tales of Fantasy Crystal Vine Bracer – Gold (These are gorgeous, I had to have them)
Body Suit: Haste @ Tales of Fantasy Coy – Nude (Another cutie I had to have from this event <3)

Pose:an làr poses @ Tales of Fantasy Woodland Series

If You Get Too Close, The Pins Stick Further In


Snapshot_015_edt_2I am so excited to have joined the Enfant Terrible and The Fantasy Collective blogger teams, thank you ❤

Skin: The Skinnery @ The Fantasy Collective Zuri Bare Face DB CL2 – Honey
Hair: Blues @ The Fantasy Collective Pippa Short Bangs Black Set
Eyes: Dead Apples Shattered – Ruin
Hands & Feet: SLink Avatar Enhancement Mesh
Teeth & Tongue: DeeTaleZ  Tongue with Piercing

Full Face: Nox @ The Fantasy Collective Voodoo Skull
Eyelashes: Miamai Catwalk Lashes Toxic Black Mesh
Legs & Arms: Chary Fades – Black

Headdress & Arm Bracelet: Sweet Lies @ The Fantasy Collective Voodoo Priest Mask
Necklace & Vest: Enfant TerribleThe Fantasy Collective Witch Set – Witch Please
Shoes: Enfant Terrible  Metallic Heels Purple ❤
Bracelets: Diamante Interlocking Multi-Ring Bangles
Shorts: Haste @ The Fantasy Collective Facilier Possession Shorts
Wings: Riske Eclipse Wings Noir

Docks: RoawenwoodThe Fantasy Collective Docks Set
Shanty: Frogstar @ The Fantasy Collective Swampland Shanty
Floor Decor: Paper Moon @ The Fantasy Collective Erzulie Freda Veve
Book: May’s Soul @ The Fantasy Collective Spellbook W/ Snake
Bottle Tree: B&B Botanic Sanheim Bottle Tree (Old store no longer open)

Top Pose & Prop: Hopscotch @ The Fantasy Collective Ouch Set