What the Water Gave Me


Hat: Belle Epogue @ The Epiphany  El Paso Gacha (I am so in love with this hat, your gonna see it a lot)
Hair: Damselfly @ FaMESHed Jaxie
Head: Catwa Tala
Skin Applier: Spirit @ Kustom9 Melania
Bathing Suit: Vinyl @ Uber  Dusty (Fat Pack Bonus Pattern)

Ionic @ The Chapter Four La Haciendita Gacha
La Haciendita *RARE
La Fuente de la Haciendita
Las Lamparitas de Sal
El Ropero
La Plantita de Aloevera
Los Cactus Chiquitos
La Mesita Altar
Las Frutas
El Guacemole y la Cerveza
Los Botecitos Colgantes
El Sol en la Techo
Living by the Dream

Ionic @ The Chapter Four Small Things Summertime:
Cactus Lamp
No Yes Neon Sign
Summer Skateboard – Rose
Watermelon Ice Creams
Ceramic Leaf

Ionic Small Things:
Cafe y Tabaco
Cajita de Galletas
Jabonicitos de Cactus
Plantita de Cristal
La Rosa qe me Regalaste
Helado de Fresca

Pose: Baguette Nomimo Slightly Modded


So Much More Than Everything


Hair: Damselfly @ Hairology Tara
Head: Catwa @ The Skin Fair Lona 2.12 (Not sure what SIM so here are both SLURLS: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Octavia/81/11/21    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chanterelle/175/246/21)
Skin Applier: The Skinnery @ The Skin Fair Devon – Honey (Not sure what SIM so here are both SLURLS: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Octavia/81/11/21    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chanterelle/175/246/21)
Eyes: Song @ Kustom9 Reira – Brown
Lips: Just Magnetized @ The Skin Fair Lotus (Not sure what SIM so here are both SLURLS: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Octavia/81/11/21    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chanterelle/175/246/21)
Lingerie: Violent Seduction @ Kustom9 Chloris – Antique
Shoes & Legwarmers: fri.day @ Kustom9 Dana Flats

Location: Luane’s Magical World

With The Sun’s Early Ray


Belle (Left):
Hair: Damselfly @ Hairology Zizi
Head: Catwa Catya Bento
Skin Applier: Pumec @ The Fantasy Collective Gacha March *RARE
Luas @ The Fantasy Collective Amarantha Gacha:
Circlet *RARE
Sandals *RARE
Gloves *RARE
Legbands *RARE

Duchess (Right): Info Here

Fawny @ The Fantasy Collective Forest Friends Bunnies
Jian Artic Fox
Stormwood The Broken Tree Animated Scene – Spring
Toadstools: Kalopsia @ Collabor88 from Rosie’s Sweet As Sugar Set
Jian Cobblestone Path

The Point Is…


Hair: Damselfly @ Hairology Finch – Dark Browns
Head: Catwa Sarah 4.9
Skin: The Skinnery @ Collabor88 Nana – Champagne (Omega Applier ^^)
Hat, Glasses, Collar, Shirt, Bustier, Arm Bands, Shorts & Boots: Moon Elixir @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival Coven Gacha (Love This!!)

Pose: Le Poppycock Restless Soul

Location: St. Pete City


Remember to Look Up at the Stars


Head: Catwa Annie
Skin: DeeTaleZ @ The Chapter Four Maggie – Nordic (Applier for Catwa head)
Hair: Damselfly @ Hairology Katya – Dark Blondes Pack
Eyes: Buzzeri Elysium – Chocolate
Tattoo: White Widow @ Cosmopolitan Psycho
Head Piece: Eudora @ We Love Role-Play Eos – Gold
Necklace: Zenith @ We Love Role Magic Stone – Gold
Outfit: Zenith @ We Love Role Time Traveler – Red
Weapon: The ForgeWe Love Role Xolotl Sword

Pose: PosESion Aphrodita

The Earth Laughs in Flowers


Head: Catwa Jessica
Skin: The Skinnery  Estee – Champagne (Applier for Catwa Head)
Hair: Damselfly @ We Love Role-Play Elexsis Light Blondes Pack
Head Set: NAMINOKE @ We Love Role-Play  Cosmos – Lite
Hand Set:  NAMINOKE @ We Love Role-Play  Cosmos – Lite
Eyes: E.V.E @ The Gathering Dystopia – Pink C RARE
Necklace: E.V.E @ The Gathering Dystopia – Pink C
Wings: E.V.E @ The Gathering Dystopia – Pink C ULTRARARE
Tattoo: White Widow @ Cosmopolitan Divergent – White
Bralette, Shorts & Boots: Moon Elixir @ We Love Role-Play Provincial
Earring: Lost Junction @ ROMP Caught by the Spider
Shape: Maitreya Lara
Hands: SLink Avatar Enhancement

Pose: an lar poses @ ROMP Polished Series

Location: Kingdom of Alurel

Come A Little Closer

Come A Little Closer

Skin: The Skinnery @ The Seasons Story (Starts 7/10) Emily – Champagne DB CL2
Hair: Damselfly @ The Seasons Story (Starts 7/10) Lettice – Light Browns Set
Eyelashes: Lovely Alien Starry
Eyes: The Sugar Garden Summer – Dark Brown
Earrings & Necklace: LaGyo @ The Seasons Story (Starts 7/10) Anantha – Gold
Pasties & Corset: Violent Seduction @ ROMP Gilded – Teal
Bracelets: Kibitz Chara – Copper (I love these!)
Shape: Maitreya Lara
Hands & Feet: SLink Avatar Enhancement

Expectation is the Root of all Heartache

Expectation is the Root of all Heartache

Skin & Head: Genesis Lab @ The Fantasy Collective Chloe
Hair: Damselfly @ The Fantasy Collective Nakia – Light Blondes Set
Crown: LaGyo @ The Fantasy Collective Vebe – Gold
Collar: LaGyo @ Collabor88 Panarea – Gold
Necklace: LaGyo @ Collabor88 Panarea Long – Gold
Top: Storybook @ The Fantasy Collective Songbird – Orchid
Skirt: Storybook @ The Fantasy Collective Songbird – Orchid
Bracelets: MINIMAL @ The Fantasy Collective Katherine – Blue
Shape: Maitreya Lara

Pose: Del May Alternative Babydoll

Location: Garden of Whimsy

I Will Take What Is Mine

I Will Take What Is Mine

Skin: Essences Kendra – Med 01 (Group Gift!)
Hair: Damselfly @ We Love Role-Play  Norah – Light Blondes Set
Eyes: The Sugar Garden Luminate – Silver
Necklace: Kunglers @ We Love Role-Play Radija – Silver & Obsidian
Gown: The Annex @ We Love Role-Play Regina – Silver
Sword: EZ Weaponry & The Forge @ We Love Role-Play  Sword of Tully – Novo 3
Wings: Photoshop Magic
Arch: Artisan Fantasy @ We Love Role-Play

Pose: PosESion @ Kelini Haute Couture Kelini

Side By Side

Side By Side

Skin: Mudskin @ Kustom9 Perfume4 – Pinky Tan E6
Hair: Damselfly @ We Love Role-Play Emily – Light Blondes Set
Halo: Storybook @ The Secret Affair Ascension Gacha Item
Pauldrons: Storybook @ The Secret Affair Ascension Gacha Item RARE
Top: Storybook @ The Secret Affair Ascension Gacha Item RARE
Skirt: Storybook @ The Secret Affair Ascension Gacha Item RARE
Bracers: Storybook @ The Secret Affair Ascension Gacha Item
Ankle Armor: Storybook @ The Secret Affair Ascension Gacha Item
Sword: Empyrean Forge @ The Secret Affair Khazid’hea Sword – Gold
Shape: Maitreya Lara
Hands & Feet: SLink Avatar Enhancement

Pose: NRage @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival Rouge Female 2