Step in and Let Me Ease What Ails You


Ionic  Apothecary Gacha:
Apothecary Shop *RARE
Apothecary Ouija Board Display
Apothecary Shop Shelves
Apothecary Shop Counter
Apothecary  Magic Wands Display
Apothecary Scales
Apothecary Potions Sign
Apothecary Steps
Apothecary Ancient Book Display – Occultism

Ionic @ The Forest Brujas Table set Dark Wood

Spell Obscuro Gacha:
Alien Fetus *RARE
Magic spells *RARE
Alchemy Humid Way *RARE
Absinthe Safebook
Draped Chair
Draped Art
Human Skull
Magic Potions
Aequinoctium ritual
Human Skull
Forgotten Victorian Chair
Forgotten Victorian Frames


Ariskea & The Den Military  @ Uber:
Industrial Lamp
Couch Adult
Military Rug

Cheeky Pea @ N21
Fortune Teller’s Zodiac Drape
:CP: Fortune Teller’s Table
:CP: Fortune Teller’s Hanging Light
:CP: Fortune Teller’s Candles
:CP: Fortune Teller’s Crystal Ball
:CP: Fortune Teller’s Tarot Cards

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