Let’s Stay Home


Head: LeLutka Simone
Skin: The SkinneryThe Arcade Chiara #3 RARE – Champagne
Hair: pr!tty Valentina – Blondes Pack
Top: Addams Ronson Shirt
Shorts: Addams Mariela Shorts
All Puppies and Kitties: Fawny @ The Arcade Plush Cuties

Indoor Decor:
Build: Ariskea @ The Arcade Le Secret Gacha Secret Build *RARE
Console: Ariskea @ The Arcade Le Secret Gacha Console Open
Flower Vase: Ariskea @ The Arcade Le Secret Gacha Sping Flower Pot Orange
Painting: Ariskea @ The Arcade Le Secret Gacha The Valley
Flower Pot on the Floor: Ariskea @ The Arcade Le Secret Gacha Quince Potted *RARE
Curtain: Ariskea @ The Arcade Le Secret Gacha Lace Curtain Right
Bed: Ariskea @ The Arcade Le Secret Gacha Day Bed
Rugs Ariskea @ The Arcade Le Secret Gacha Dollie Rugs
Table: Ariskea @ The Arcade Le Secret Gacha Table Plank
Pestle & Mortar: Ariskea @ The Arcade Le Secret Gacha Making Of
Flower Vase: Ariskea @ The Arcade Le Secret Gacha Sping Flower Pot Yellow
Frames: Ariskea @ The Arcade Le Secret Gacha Secrets Frames 1 & 2
Chandelier: Ariskea @ The Arcade Le Secret Gacha Ceiling Chandelier
Clocks: Ariskea @ The Arcade Le Secret Gacha Wall Clock
String Lights: Ariskea @ The Arcade Le Secret Gacha
Chair: Ariskea @ The Arcade Le Secret Gacha Mystery Chair
Wardrobe: Ariskea @ The Arcade Le Secret Gacha

Outdoor Decor:
Door Arch: Ariskea @ The Arcade Le Secret Gacha Ivy Trelly
Bush: Ariskea @ The Arcade Le Secret Gacha Bush leaf 2
Birdbath: Kalopsia @ Lost and Found Beatrix Garden Set
Flower Pot: Kalopsia @ Lost and Found Beatrix Garden Set
Bench: Kalopsia @ Lost and Found Beatrix Garden Set
Venus Statue: Kalopsia @ Lost and Found Beatrix Garden Set
Flying Leaves: Kalopsia @ Lost and Found Beatrix Garden Set – Cherry


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